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The big Pipe

The big Pipe

  • The big Pipe
  • Puppet show, written and directed by Mohamed El-Sawy
  • Duration: 48minutes – Age group: 6 years +

  • One of the first works that El-Sakia Puppet theatre founded in 2005. The story is about a group of street children and how they face the danger of living in the streets. How do they survive? How do they behave? Why do they prefer the streets than their homes? And who is responsible for that phenomena? Is it the family, the children or the community as a whole? The story is told in the form of a musical and comical rendition of the main characters of the big pipe.

  • Moral of the story: The community should prevent the presence of street children and solve the family issues that result in parents kicking their children out of the house or in the children running away from home.

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