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Mooma and the bar of soap

Mooma and the bar of soap

  • Mooma and the bar of soap:
  •  Puppet show, written and directed by Mohamed El-Sawy
  • Duration: 12minutes – Age group: 4 years +

  • This story is a about a germ that filed a lawsuit against the bar of soap that caused murder of its family of germs and microbes. After hearing the witnesses in the trial and reviewing the case, the judge makes a final decision regarding the real criminal.. Who is guilty? Can the bar of soap defense itself? Who are the ey witnesses and what did they claim? Let’s find out the secrets behind this strange trial in the puppet show ‘mooma and the bar of soap’.

  • Moral of the story: A simple message to remind the audience of the importance of washing hands regularly and the social responsibilty of honesty and justice.

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